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The unique and ancient countryside of the British Isles and Ireland continually inspires me to paint vibrant and colourful landscapes. As someone who enjoys long distance walks, travel and exploration I am determined to visit and paint as many parts of the countryside as possible within my life. 
My style encompasses a passion for ancient landscapes, symbolism, and cultural heritage. I paint with thin layers of oil paints, built up gradually and slowly to produce bold and strong colour to reflect the form, contours and light of the land. 
I am a member of Oxford Arts Society and am also an area coordinator for Oxfordshire Artweeks. I have co-produced a project about Paul Nash and Wittenham Clumps (www.nashclumps.org) and was commissioned to produce a series of illustrations for The North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Beauty to represent iconic landscapes in their area. 
Twin Peaks 97 x 104cm - SOLD 
View From Aston Downs 40 x 41cm - SOLD 
Unhill Woods 84 x 52cm SOLD 
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